Find the tariff that suits you best. Get amazing exclusive discounts on tariffs and smartphones.


Weplan allows you to control you actual spending. With a simple and practical system of alerts graphs and statistics.


It has a practical and configurable widget. Also you can check your bill anywhere anytime.

How does it work?

Weplan is a free and independent app for smartphones, which allows you the possibility to save money on your bill, by contracting your optimal phone plan from all of the market. How do we do that? We analyze and compare your current plan with all of the plans from the market.

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Find the best tariff for you. Get great deals with just one click.

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Save money


Control your phone expenditure. Get great discounts on tariffs and Smartphones.

Weplan is an app that will help you from the very beginning. But also in the long run, it allows you to take full control of your mobile expenditure, in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to its real-time expenditure controls, personalized alerts systems and statists, you do not spend more money than you planned.

From your smartphone you can browse different functions:

  • Usage: It shows the progress of the different usages, manage your alerts and analyze your spending
  • Savings: Find out with the comparison engine which is the mobile plans with which you would save the most. Ask for information or contract the plans by selecting the “I want it!” button.
  • Smartphones: Find your perfect mobile filtering by brand and model. If you want a discount on a free smartphone, enter the "WEPLAN" code when buying it in the manufacturer's website. We have an exclusive 5% discount on smartphones and accessories BQ and NGS and 6% discount on products Mobistel.

Reviews by our users in Google Play


It's able to tell me my actual data of what I'm spending in voice ,data and WIFI. The options to save money are even better than the option offered by my own company.

Very helpful. Great!I checked out the information with my company and It work perfectly. I avoided surprises. Very good and complete.

Excellent app! Such a great comparison engine of mobile plans. The only app that offers me a cheaper option. I recommended it!

I have used several comparison engines and the only one that gives me real data and offers me a cheaper tariff is this one. Hope you keep working like this.

The best app I've used to control expenditure. In each update Weplan gets better and better.

Very useful. This is a very good application with many features, very intuitive and easily helps us to calculate our consumption data, calls, sms ... and I can find the best phone plan. Essential!

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There are no good or bad tariffs. Just different usage patterns. Weplan's mission is to find the tariff that suits you best. This is possible thanks to our comparison engine, available in the free app Weplan as well as in our Web. Download Weplan App and you can also control the usage of your current tariff, preventing you from exceeding your limits and saving from the very first day.