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We are a start-up founded in 2012, with 100% Spanish capital. Our purpose, to shed some light in the obscure telecommunications market.

In order to contribute to the world, helping millions on people save on their phone bills, Weplan offers:

  • A free app that will help the user control its usage and tell him which phone plan from all of the market is the optimal one for him.
  • This website also offers a mobile plan comparison
  • A SaaS tool which allows both the company and the employee to take full control of the corporate phone lines. It provides both an employee usage control app and management collective tool for the business.

Our principles


Weplan´s goal is to offer transparency to the complex telecommunications market. Our objective is that the user can find his optimal phone plan and find out how much he would spend with other operator with just installing the app.n order to do this we keep our data base permanently updated.


Weplan is the only independent tariff comparison engine and 100% accurate. We are completely impartial towards operators and our goal is to contribute to the user.


Safety is very important to us. All of our user’s information resides and is managed from a central server with the highest safety standards.


Weplan app analyzes your consumption patterns and contrasts it with all of the market tariffs in order to find out the one that suit you best and allows you to save the most.


Knowing our users help us to improve day by day. We create our designs thinking in people´s needs and we give great care to personalization.


Weplan is 100% Spanish. Our offices are on Parque de las Avenidas, in Madrid. We have the collaboration of the National Innovation Company (ENISA), the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.


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Weplan on TVE's show Torres y Reyes. Credit: RTVE


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