5 tips for saving mobile data

tips for saving mobile data

Since the outbreak and generalization of Smartphones, the consumption of data has become the main concern for many users. Spending them before deadline or that our operator charges us without notification when we surpass the limit of MB in our phone plan are the principle problems that we face.

From Weplan, we want to avoid you problems with your phone bill with these 5 tips for saving mobile data.

Additional bonus in order to ensure mobile data.

This formula, provided by almost all operators, is a very useful way to expand our navigation capacity in a certain month. It has also to be considered, that acquired bonuses account from a certain data and, therefore, operators will charge us the additional MB that we have spent from the day that we reach the limit until the beginning of the bonus.

Avoid games which consume too much MB

They are always between most popular apps, but for using them, it should have to be taken into consideration that most of them require link with our social network profile. For this reason, it is recommended play only when we are connected to a WiFi network. Additionally, most of them use the entire screen and hide notifications, so that easily we could ignore the message that it warns us that we are close to the limit of data consumption.

Download maps

 Apps that enable visualize online maps, as popular Google Maps, are very strict with mobile data since they require GPS connection. That’s why, it is recommended download maps of the city before visiting it, by this way  check them always that we want without having to connect 3G. This option is very useful for travelers, who moreover could be affected for the overage derived from surfing while abroad.

Apps with advertising

Many apps finance themselves by introducing advertising in their interface. Besides being annoying, these apps frequently use many mobile data, since shown advertising need constant updating. The easiest solution for this problem is avoiding such apps, but it is often impossible, and thus there are some tools as AppBrain, Add Detector y Addons Detector that allow block such advertisements.

Control consumption

Finally, we remember you about the existence of multiples apps that allow measure MB consumption of our Smartphone, as Weplan which enables you to know how many percent from your mobile date have you consumed just by looking to the screen “My consumption”. Furthermore, you can use its practical widget to get access to this information even more easily.