Control data consumption of your iPhone and find your perfect phone plan with Weplan

Weplan is a free app for iOS which enable to the users control data usage and find the phone plan that best fits to everyone, among all existent in the market.

Using Weplan is very easy thanks to its manageable and intuitive design, but with this brief guide we want to make it even easier.

When opening app, the first thing that you will find is the screen of register options. In order to access to Weplan advantages, you can register through e-mail or Facebook account. It’s also possible to enter to the app without register by selecting “Register later”, getting then to the basic functions. 


Below, you will see consumption control screen. There, you could observe at a glance, in one big ball seated in the middle, the monthly payment of your bill.

In the three balls below, is shown megabytes consumption.  In this way, the left ball shows the percentage of consumed megabytes or gigabytes with respect to the total that the plan includes, either a daily or monthly limit. In the case that your phone plan doesn’t include mobile data bonus, it will be shown the quantity that you have spent in Internet consumption expressed in monetary unit of the Country where you are. 

The central ball indicates the number of megabytes or gigabytes that you have consumed so far this month, while in the right ball you can see the megabytes or gigabytes that you have used surfing in WiFi network.

In the upper part of the screen you will see a semispherical bar where it is shown monthly or daily data consumption, accordingly to our plan, in a friendlier layout.

Mi Consumo

At the bottom part, Weplan show us the estimated quantity that we can save yearly, and if we crowd out this indicator upwards we will see the comparison. There is shown a list with phone plans that best fits to our necessities, where operator, name of plan and quantity of possible saves of everyone is shown, always ranked from higher to lower save.



When searching your ideal phone plan, you can select various filters:

– Operator: in the case that, for example, there is an operator that provides better coverage in you residential area

– DSL or fiber optic: if you want a convergent plan.

– Unlimited calls: if you talk too much and you are interested in plans with unlimited calls.

– Minimum amount of megabytes: if you know how many mobile data you want in your plan.

– Without permanence: to search only plans without commitment to stay.

– Prepaid: to search only prepaid plans

In conclusion, a complete app which allows you to control your mobile data consumption and find the plan that fits best to your necessities in an independently and impartially way.

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