The new Weplan app is already here!


After several months of hard work has finally come the new Weplan app, which is now available on Google Play for users in Spain, seven countries of Latin America and 15 countries of Europe, as a first step of the international release.


The path has not been easy. For this release, the International Research Team have analyzed more than 2.300 tariffs with everything that it entails, since each country has its own billing systems.

The hardest thing has been to realize each country do things their own way. For example, in Switzerland, internet is not paid by the amount of data consumed but by the speed of the connection. In Argentina, calls are charged according to the distance. And so with many other cases that have caught our attention.

New design

But let’s go to the point. What are the main new features of this update? We’ll summarize them in 6 points:

  1. Design: We have created a new interface with a more attractive design that also provides a better user experience.
  2. A tariff set up: The new app includes an assistant that guides the user to choose the tariff that currently has and configure it according to their characteristics.
  3. Consumption control: The new home screen is much more visual and allows the user to see at a glance the megas, minutes and SMS consumed, as well as a simulation of your bill. The design is based on balls with the main data and a progress bar showing the evolution of consumption during the billing period.
  4. Tariffs comparison:  The new comparison is completely updated with all the current tariffs. We have remained filters per operator, ADSL / fiber, permanence, prepaid and unlimited calls, among others.
  5. Offers: At this moment, offers are only available in Spain. In this section, users can find unlocked mobile phones with exclusive discounts, among other surprises that are yet to come.
  6. Widgets: The new app includes 3 different widgets so users can install the one that suits them.

We hope you like the new Weplan app as much as we do. We’d love to hear your opinion! You can send your comments in our different social networks (Facebook,TwitterLinkedin o Google+) or by writing us at