Find out how to take advantage of you mobile plan with Weplan

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Weplan is a free app that helps you control your usage and, also, to find out which plan suits you best among all the existing in the market. With the new design, using Weplan is easier than ever, and with this tutorial will be even more simply.

Both registration and access to the app can be done either through Google + either through Weplan. It is also possible to enter the app without registering by clicking in “Sign up later”.

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When opening the app, the first you will find is the usage control screen. Its new design allows you control your billing, which is showed in the middle. The three other figures shown are calls, sms and data usage.


For example, when clicking in the middle ball you can see and modify your plan details: operator, quota, billing date, discounts,…

By clicking in the left ball at the bottom you will see your calls statistics (destinations, duration and total cost). You can also see the hour when the call was made, the duration and how much you will pay for it.

When clicking in the middle ball at the bottom, you will see your data statistics, split into wifi and mobile network, as well as the total data consumption.

Finally, if you click in the right ball at the bottom you will see your sms statistics. graficasIn the top bars of the main screen you can watch your calls, data and sms progress. The best of all is you don’t need to enter into the app to control your usage. Weplan has three widgets that show your monthly consumption.

Widget_3 Widget_2 Widget_1









You can also set some alerts in the side menu. You have some different alerts:

  • When beginning a new billing period
  • When reaching the total expenditure of usage
  • When reaching the following number of calls
  • When reaching the following number of minutes in calls
  • When reaching the following expenditure in calls
  • When reaching the following number of sms
  • When reaching the following expenditure of sms

My alerts     Configuration2

In the right screen you can find a plan comparison with those ones that suits you best. It is important to know this comparison takes into account the data hired in your current plan. However, after a month, the app will be able to analyse your real data usage to show you a comparison according with your real necessities. You can also set your data usage of the first month so we can do a better comparison.

Filter my comparison     Comparison

In this comparison, plans are displayed by savings and operators. When searching for your best plan, you can set some filters:

  • Operator: In case there is any operator with a better coverage in your area.
  • ADSL or fibre: In case you want a broadband and mobile phone bundle.
  • Unlimited calls: In case you are only interested in this kind of plans.
  • Minimum of data: If you know how much data you want to hire.
  • Plan duration: To search for plans with no minimum duration.
  • Prepaid: To search only prepaid plans.

Therefore, Weplan is an accurate and impartial app that helps you to find the best plan for you.